Nurseries and Suppliers

Descanso Gardens Gift Shop
Las Pilitas Nursery
Theodore Payne Foundation Nursery
El Nativos Growers (Trade, Wholesale)

Netafirm: Low-flow, subsurface drip irrigation
Ewing (Trade, Courses and Training)


ROI Calculation

Landscaping significantly impacts human and pet health, the environment, and public infrastructure. It also impacts our budgets! The lush, leafy, low-water Authentic Foothill Gardens at Sierra Madre City Hall generate significant savings over a traditional landscape, gravelscape, or synthetic lawn.

Savings can include:

  • 100 percent of the annual flower budget
  • 100 percent of the toxic chemical fertilizer budget
  • 100 percent of the toxic chemical pesticide budget
  • 100 percent of soil amendment budget
  • 81 percent of the time spent on maintenance
  • 75 percent of the funds used for mower petrol
  • 60-80 percent of the water previously needed
  • 63 percent of fees associated with garden waste
  • 15-50 percent of the energy dedicated to climate control