Sierra Madre Post Office

Have you noticed the changes to the Sierra Madre Post Office landscape?

The garden surrounding the office will soon look and feel similar to the lush, leafy landscape surrounding city hall. It’s plant palette includes some of the foliage you love in the Authentic Foothill Gardens – as well as some distinctive to the space.

Some of the new post office foliage is distinctive from that at city hall – yet also authentic to the foothills.

Other foliage you will likely recognize from strolling along the trails at city hall.

Check out the full plant palette in Pinterest to learn more, or simply take the plant palette to the nursery with you.

Beyond the native foliage, you’ll see a rock bioswale – it has already gone to work sinking stormwater from January rains to refuel the city’s groundwater.

Watch our news and events for details about the garden’s official ribbon cutting.

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