Dig In at the Post Office!

A new habitat authentic to Sierra Madre will soon surround the Sierra Madre Post Office. You can help bring it to life! We hope you’ll join us for the following Saturday volunteer events:

  • October 15th – Celebration of Water Independence: Attendees will see the inner workings of the new bioswale, learn about refueling groundwater, and get a chance to dig in to help create the new feature. RSVP Now
  • November 5 – Drip Irrigation Demonstration:  Rainbird professionals will teach attendees how to install and navigate low-flow drip irrigation. They’ll also discuss how drip systems like these lessen the impact of drought and water restrictions. RSVP Now
  • December 3rd – Plant for Life: Help us fill the post office property with native foliage – habitat to local fauna and humans too! You’ll learn why it’s so important to plant “the right plant in the right place.” RSVP Now

If you’d like to support the creation of this new habitat and community resource, please follow the QR code below to donate. Thank you for your love of the city and commitment to making it ever-more resilient – we look forward to seeing you soon!

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