What will Sierra Madre look like in 2050? The answer depends, in large part, on the landscaping choices we make right now.

The community of Sierra Madre began transforming its aesthetic to one authentic to the LA foothills in 2015. The lush, leafy, low-water Authentic Foothill Gardens at Sierra Madre City Hall Gardens deliver year round beauty and save about 75 percent of the water previously used to maintain the space. Two expansive bioswales capture stormwater to refuel the city’s water independence. Featured plants mitigate fire danger, retain slopes, feed wildlife, and improve the resilience of both our adjacent wildspaces and the city itself. Just as importantly, residents more frequently explore and enjoy the space.

In 2022, residents expanded the community’s public habitat.  Like the city hall gardens, the outdoor space surrounding the Sierra Madre Post Office now includes a bioswale and a supportive smart irrigation system. It models the protective Zone 0, now recommended by local and regional fire departments. The strategically sized, spaced and placed native foliage will establish over the course of three years to fulfill the design vision in 2025.

Each of these gardens was envisioned and funded by a community leader and designed by FormLA Landscaping in collaboration with the community and city officials. Volunteers, guided by FormLA Landscaping professionals, installed the foliage. The gardens are maintained by FormLA Landscaping.

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